Return Policy

We will warranty all line kits if there was a defect from us. No matter what kit it is, if there was a problem with the lines that was a fault of ours or our hardware, we will take care of it immediately free of charge and get you a replacement.

No returns on "Customizable" products. Ex: If you bought a line kit and selected a specific length for your vehicle. Only exceptions would be if there was an issue or defect with the item from us. Then we will take care of it for you and fix it free of charge. This does not include if it was installed improperly. Common examples of improper installation would be over tightening fitting connections or routing the hose to where it is bent at a severe angle.

Returns for "Non-Customizable" products that are unused and not damaged must be returned within 30 days of the ship date for a refund. There is a 10% Restocking fee even if the item hasnt shipped yet. Any used products sold through Full Send Diesel LLC Or through the owner (Kevin Kubinak) are 100% nonreturnable and nonrefundable even if it was damaged or lost during shipping. We are not liable for any sort of shipping claims although we will work with you to settle any situation that may occur.

Returns on Non Full Send Diesel branded items. There is a 10% Restocking fee on any items ordered even if they have not shipped yet.

Returns will be by the manufacturors descretion and we do not guarentee that you can make the return, most cases you can though. Damaged items that may be under warranty will go by the manufacturers rules. If you have something that you believe is under warranty please contact us.