Most of our kits are very straight foward and the average mechanic can install them with ease. Some of our kits on the other hand require a little more thought, that is why we are making this instructions page for some of our more confusing not so straight foward kits. These instructions are very blunt and to the point, they are to aid a mechanic in installation and covers the not so common things.

3RD Gen Cummins AC Receiver Dryer Relocation Kit

-After refrigerant has been properly evacuated, remove the AC receiver dryer

-Now remove the line that goes into the firewall (Line on the right-hand side)

-Connect the new hose (Smallest one in diameter) to the inlet on the firewall that the old hardline went into. Route this line out of the way as you see fit into the P/S fender.

-Locate the line that the old line from the firewall went to. This should be about ½ - ¾ of the way down on your P/S fender area.

-This line is where the orifice tube will go. You will need to cut the hard line 3 inches away from the end, where it will connect to the new hose.

-Note is it extremely important to make sure the open hoses in the AC system stay clean and free of debris. Make sure that after you deburr and clean the line after it is cut you get all foreign objects out of the inside of the line.

-Now to install the orifice tube adaptor. PLEASE make sure the white piece sticker out of the one side of the adaptor if facing the back of the truck and the blue side is facing the front of the truck to match the flow of your refrigerant.

-The following are notes on how to properly use a compression fitting

                -DO NOT over tighten!!!

                -The taper on the ferrule will face the flare nut

                -Ensure both green o rings are on the outsides of the orifice tube housing to seal to the ferrule

                -Ensure that the white side of the orifice tube inside the orifice tube housing is towards the rear of the vehicle and the blue side is towards the front.

                Before tightening make sure that the metal tubes that you are connecting are pushed all the way into the orifice tube housing.


-Once your orifice tube is in the hard-liquid line, connect out new line to it by pushing the two connections together. Please lubricate o rings lightly before installation. Ensure that they lock together.

-Next you will mount the Receiver dryer bracket to the frame bracket. I suggest you bolt the AC receiver dryer to the bracket first and then mark your holes to drill so you know it will clean.

-Once the holes are drilled and the mounting bracket and dryer are mounted. We can now hook up the lines.

-Next we will use the longest line from our kit. It will go from the firewall (Hole on the left side) to the receiver dryer. Route the line along the P/S fender and go down through the headlight area and then come back up and connect it to your dryer. Again, make sure the o rings are lubricated before installation and that the connections properly seat.

-Next will be the last hose left in the kit. It will go from the dryer, up the P/S fender area and connect to the last hose that you have not connected anything to with the service port in it. Again, please ensure that the o rings are lubricated and the connections seat properly.