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Here at FSD we specialize in creating and selling the top innovative products that are available to the diesel industry. Specifically designing products for Cummins powered trucks. Although we do sell just about anything you can think of for not only Cummins but Powerstroke and Duramax aswell. From the best prices on wheel and tire setups from American force, Specialty Forged, Fuel, Bogart and many more to D&J Pricision machine motors, Firepunk transmissions, Forced Inductions turbos, Steed Speed Manifolds, Exergy, S&S, Industrial Injection ect. You name it we can get it. FSD is home of our notorious braided line kits. We are known for providing the highest quality braided line kits to the market. From transmission line kits, turbo feeds and drains to completely custom fuel system kits. If there is something that you would like but it is not on our site, please get in contact with us. We will work one on one with you to not only get you setup with any performance part you need but we will work with you to get you any braided line kit you need made for your custom application and its as easy as texting our support line anytime @908-246-8943 or by email

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As our website is still in the process of being built, please do not hesitate to call or text us directly for an immediate response for pricing on a specific product, placing an order or technical support and questions.

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